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Let me start by saying YES I did see the note about not being able to get past the tutorial screens. What WASN’T made clear though, is that the tutorial screens pop up automatically when you first open the app. So it’s unusable and useless if you have iOS 12. If you’re new to the app and don’t know the tutorial opens at start up, you just paid for something you can’t use at all. Which is lame and essentially the only thing I can leave a review on currently. Please fix this. I’d actually like to be able to check out the app.

Hopeful for a quick big fix on the update

I just bought this app but I am experiencing the iOS 12 bug, but hopefully it is fixed swiftly as this is just the app I need!

Doesn’t work at all

Really disappointed to have paid for an app that doesn’t work. Pop up window appears in such a way that it can’t be cleared and I cannot sign in. I would caution against purchasing.

Launch bug on iPhone?

Newcomer to Ravit. Love it on the iPad. Appears to be an initialization bug on first launch on iPhone. The intro screens scroll off visible area and hide ability to move on. Renders iPhone app unusable. iOS 12, iPhone 8. Perhaps an unanticipated bug under new iOS?

It is still new to me, but

This is all that I could have hoped for in a Ravelry app. I am so excited that this is finally here!

Lives up to what it says it can do...

This is the first app I have bought and I am not disappointed. It is really easy to use and I love how it walks you through as you go as opposed to all at once. The graphics are great. I can see all of my library and it runs smooth and doesn’t take forever to load. Totally recommend it to yarnies!!!

Yay, a mobile friendly way to use ravelry!

This app is so easy on the eyes! It makes stashing and looking for things to use your stash on very pleasant. Can’t wait to see how the app evolves!


For the price I expected more. At first it looks very slick, however functionally it needs a lot of work . In order to filter or even sort you have to go out of your search results. Why not options right on the same screen, or a sidebar about slides out? There is only one layout that is like Pinterest. No way to have a vertical or condensed view. The forums are basically unusable, you can’t browse, search or scroll.


This has changed how I use Ravelry completely! It’s so easy to just get on the app no matter where I am, instead of having to whip out my laptop and sign in on the website. I use this app almost everyday. I don’t use every feature, but from what I can tell everything is there and looks functional. I mostly stick to the notebook and gallery parts and they work beautifully. Thanks so much!

I love this app!!

Makes Ravelry so much better!! Brilliant

Very pleased

I was hesitant to purchase this app, but am finding it to be very user friendly and easy to navigate. I really like the simplistic design and the pictures are clear. It is very easy to create/update projects and add/update yarn stash. I wish that the needle and hook inventory was accessible, but developers are saying that this feature is coming. Great app overall!!

Worth the price!

Love it! This app makes it super easy to edit and upload photos to project pages, post in the forums, browse the pattern library, and look up things in general on Ravelry from my phone. I think I’ve spent more time interacting on Ravelry in the last week through this app than I did when it was just a browser shortcut on my phone. Well worth the cost.

So easy to maneuver through!

I love this. Even on my computer I sometimes hade trouble finding my way around the site. This format is so user friendly and available at a moment’s notice.

App works perfectly after a recent spate of crashes

So much easier to look through my patterns through Ravit rather than fight Ravelry!

MsKnitKnot's opinion

Love,love, love it🤗🤗🤗

Love this! It can only get better

This is a great app to keep track of which yarns you have! Handy when shopping!

Must have for Ravelry users!

This is, BY FAR, the most comprehensive Ravelry-integrated app available to date. Not only can I access my library of patterns, start and update projects, sort and access my queue, and purchase patterns but it’s beautifully designed and user friendly. Currently in beta is forums integration and it’s working! I will never have to use the mobile-enabled Rav website with this addition and cannot rave enough about this app and its developer. They have really hit it out of the park!

Needs Improvement

Frequent crashes and frequent slowdowns make this app very frustrating. Great idea, hope it works better in the future. Not worth the money!

The Ravelry app we’ve been waiting for

Finally. No pomp & circumstance. Just an app that looks as great as it works and is a pleasure to use. Thank you!

Easy to use

Great app. Easy to use and straightforward.

Finally a functional app for Ravelry!

This app WORKS. it’s concise and allows u to browse patterns, yarns, and most of your Ravelry ‘notebook’. The pics are beautiful and quick to load, scrolling thru patterns and favorites is even easier with this than it is on Ravelry. I’ve always hated that Ravelry doesn’t have a mobile app that matches the functionality of its desktop site, but now it does. Casey and Beth have created such a fabulous platform for us all, and now finally this app allows us to have that same level of functionality on our mobile devices. It’s absolutely worth the price, because it’s being updated with new functions pretty regularly based on user requests, and having the ability to use this on my phone makes escaping away to ‘knitland” so much easier. I’ve tried other apps over the years that claimed to make Ravelry easier to navigate via mobile devices, but none actually did. This one is a home run.


This app makes browsing Ravelry so convenient! If you’re on the fence due to the price, I’ll tell you now: you won’t regret purchasing this!! 😍

Love this app!!!

I just downloaded this app last night and so far I Love it! Sometimes the app freezes up on me when searching for something specific. I understand that this is a new app so I am sure it will improve in time. I am still learning the app! I am excited to see how this app develops 😃

A great app!

I don't ever pay for apps, but this was worth the money! One request- could you make it so I could enter a custom yardage range in the pattern search?

Not sure it’s worth the $4

Maybe if their price was down, it would feel better getting the app. Other than the cost it’s very user friendly and does most everything I need it to.

It's really come a long

When ravit first came out, I was initially pretty disappointed (mostly because it was 4 bucks which is a price I'd only pay for something truly special and being just a pattern aggregator using Ravelry's api, it wasn't) but now that they're integrating your library and projects, it's become a lot more useful. It's clean, easy to use, and gorgeous. I'd love to see a native chart reader of sorts but being able to view pdfs now is dead useful. It needs a few more touches. You can't see comments or posts on a patterns page which is essentially the review section of the pattern. I'd also love to see a preview option for patterns so I can get an idea of how it's written before I pull the trigger on buying. I'm not sure it's worth $4 yet but it's heading in that direction to be sure.

Great app!!

Excellent app...saves time scrolling to your favorite location on Ravelry .

Not working at all

I just bought this app but I cannot log in using my Ravelry account/ password. When I try to use anything in the app, it also isn't working. May I have a refund pls?

Easy Ravelry Access

Basic functions make it easy to keep knitting logs up to date. Has a few bugs but minor!

Just what I needed!

I have waited for what feels like forever for this app! I’m so happy that I can browse easier on the go! Plus, I could never get my picture to upload correctly and now I can!

So happy.

I am a happy camper. I rarely purchase apps. but I NEEDED this one. Super easy to find the patterns I like and I can favourite patterns to pull up on ravelry site if I want. Love!

Great app for Ravelry

The interface is very easy to use and looks great. I love browsing patterns with it! There are some features that it’s currently missing like viewing handspinning in progress, but it’s great at what it does and the developers are adding more.

God’s gift to yarn crafters! 👌🏻👍🏼

What are you waiting for? Download it now!

The best!

I love Ravit! It’s like Pinterest meets Ravelry in the most perfect way! Defiantly my go to app now. Aesthetically pleasing as well as easy to use! Thank you 😘💗

Unable to Use

I am hopeful this is a glitch that will soon be fixed, but I am unable to login to my Ravelry account using the app. I just double checked my username and password on a computer browser and had no problems logging in, but cannot get in through the Ravit app.


I have an iPhone SE so I was really happy to find this app which allows me to use Ravelry on the go. I love the look and feel of this app. Already I’ve found it very useful for updating and adding projects as well as searching for patterns. I’m looking forward to features being added. I also have used it on an iPad, where it also shines.

Looking forward to improvements

I was searching for a stitch counter and this was included in the list but there isn't actually one on the app. That will teach me to assume. I also should have read the reviews prior to purchase since it can't download patterns yet. Good start. Has the potential to be great.

Has potential

This will be a great app once we're able to view patterns.

Good as it is,

But it will be great when you can download patterns!

Ravit is awesome!!

Been waiting for an app like this! So easy to use. Good, I love to look at all the patterns. Bad, I could spend all day on it. 😜

Great mobile interface

Much better way to view pics of patterns and projects!


So much hard work and user involvement has gone into this app!!! It's worth every penny. Do not hesitate to purchase!

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